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  • Flat Panel Detectors

Flat Panel Detectors

DRP 2020 NDT - Digital Radiography in Real-Time

With the NDT-Panels, a new generation of flat panel detectors becomes available for all applications in NDT. Thanks to the 200 μm pixel pitch, images with an outstanding quality are always delivered. The optional casette protects the ultra-light panel (3.5kgs) from hard radiation and helps to easily mount. if e.g. on a pipe for on-stream or in-line-inspection. 

A sandwich of various materials shields the electronics from hard radiation, for the first time, a digital panel can be safely used for bith field inspection and stationery inspection, even if hard radiation e.g. from isotopes apply. The image quality and signal / noise ratio is unrivalled.

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  • Mobility: flexible use thanks to easy an ease and robust design
  • Shielding: almost any radiation source can be used
  • Resolution: brilliant results thanks to the 200um pixel pitch
  • Time to Image: digital radiography in real-time
  • Individual: resolution and size adapted on your needs